Biore Uruoi Cleansing Liquid 50ml


Biore Uruoi Cleansing Liquid 50ml


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Skin care brand that starts from the “wash”, Biore. Is a brand that promises a comfortably at the time of the skin care. Only in moist smooth facial cleanser wash commitment to cleaning component, drop the dirt without the burden while protecting the moisture of the skin. Providing a wide variety to choose from to suit the skin of the state. Keyword “Pure Skin, Bright Life”. “And fulfilling life forward,” “skin of the goodness of tone” and is thought to bring good interact with each other, to support a happy life of healthy skin and beyond.

Product Introduction
Waterproof mascara and stubborn makeup will just slide away with this cleansing liquid that rinses clean!
Contains 40% beauty essence.

● Water-based, so there’s no oily residue
● No need for double cleansing
● Can be used on wet skin with wet hands
● Slight floral fragrance
* Glycerin, BG, PPG-9 diglyceryl (moisturizing component)



Additional information

Weight 74 g


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